The Stylist (2016) A Hauntingly Beautiful and Emotional Story Unlike Any Other

Women in Horror Month has been an amazing experience this year! I only wish it was longer. Why does it have to take place in the shortest month of the year when I want it to last forever? Of course, each day is a chance to support women in horror and I plan to do so. As I was wrapping things up, one horror story kept lingering in my head that I had to write about, one that everyone is talking about and that is The Stylist. 

The Stylist was produced and directed by Jill Gevargizian as well as co-written by herself and Eric Havens. It is a short horror drama that was released in 2016 that stars Najarra Townsend and Jennifer Plas. Although I expected this story to have more of a horror-comedy tone, it was anything but that. Several people in the horror community had recommended it and now I know why as it’s one of the best horror shorts I’ve ever seen.

“Claire (Townsend) is a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality. When her final client (Plas) of the evening arrives with the request to look perfect, Claire has plans of her own.”

I absolutely loved the story. Gevargizian delivers a uniquely brilliant horror tale unlike any I’ve ever seen. I have several friends who are hairstylists and I can imagine that hearing people talk about their lives day in and day out must be. Stress and anxiety can take its toll, sometimes to the breaking point… never mess with someone who has scissors readily available.

The gore and blood are subtle but effective. I thought the makeup and specials effects department did a wonderful job with creating such a horrifying scene. As I was watching, I kept thinking to myself, “Is she really going to do this? Oh, she is. She’s taking it that far.” It was horrifyingly impressive… not something you expect to happen in a little hair salon.

Najarra Townsend gives an award-winning performance as Claire. You can tell there’s an internal conflict going on in her mind as she’s constructing these horrible acts, but she can’t stop even if she wanted to. This is an addiction and it makes her feel alive. That last scene was hauntingly beautiful and devastatingly emotional as it left me with a lasting impression that lingered on even after the credits rolled.

Final Thought:

The Stylist is an emotional and intense horror drama that will leave you never wanting to get your hair cut again. It’s the perfect, female-driven way to end Women in Horror Month. Make sure to watch it while it’s streaming on Shudder and please continue to support all the females in the horror industry who are kicking ass and bringing quality and unique indie material that mainstream films don’t even come close to.


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