Interview With Alex Hernández About His Brutal Film, ‘Blood For Flesh’

Now available to purchase through TetroVideo or stream through AngerMan Distribution is the dark and surreal film, Blood for Flesh (Sangre Para La Carne). In this experimental endeavor, Mexican filmmaker Alex Hernández brings us uncomfortably close to being in a waking nightmare. 


A strange family relationship would be violated when a group of cannibals stalks the only woman in the family. Violent decisions turned into acts of torture and desires of pleasure. One by one until they break the moral family.

After a brutal encounter with cannibals, the family members and their dynamic become sinister. Spilling onto the screen in fantastic shades of red followed by subdued darkness, the cinematography definitely matches the nefarious tone. Easily teetering on the side of extreme horror, Blood for Flesh is definitely not for everyone. For those that enjoy a more subversive nature to their horror, Alex Hernández may be someone you want to take note of. 

We were able to ask Alex a few questions where he discusses the inspiration for Blood for Flesh, and his latest project, Justine

Watch the trailer for Blood for Flesh here:

PopHorror: Do you remember how the genesis of Blood for Flesh began? What prompted you to write and visualize the film?

Alex Hernández: I like the sub-genre of cannibalism, more specifically stories about tribes and their rituals. In the country where I live—Mexico—occultism is practiced and disguised as a religion. Blood For Flesh is a drama about cannibal tribes and some of their rituals. It is a somewhat abstract film but all those symbols are there. I like rural settings and the possibilities of being able to create Hell in them.

PopHorror: The film is very graphic and does not shy away from its on-screen violence against both men and women. Was casting ever an issue for you? Was it difficult to find the talent needed?   

Alex Hernández: It was not difficult to find people as crazy as me. The world is full of debauchery and minds thirsty for new experiences. In Blood For Flesh, you will not find violence for sport. There is always a justification for violence and killing a character.

PopHorror: Blood for Flesh was originally filmed in 2019, followed by a few screenings, and then eventually found a home at TetroVideo. What was this journey like for yourself? 

Alex Hernández: I think I got more attention than I thought I’d get at first. Blood For Flesh was my initial introduction into the independent scene. I met great directors, and I have my audience waiting for more.

It was somewhat unexpected. The film was picked up by Domiziano Cristopharo and TetroVideo for physical distribution, then later by Itai Guberman and AngerMan Distribution for VOD Streaming. It also started a great friendship and working relationship with both Dom and Itai, which followed into Justine.

PopHorror: Blood for Flesh can easily find fans with those that partake in extreme horror, and your latest endeavor, Justine, utilizes source material from the Marquis de Sade. What do you find fascinating about such provocative storytelling? 

Alex Hernández: The context of Sade’s works can be adapted to any time. I like Sade’s philosophy, and my version of Justine has something of that. But it also has all the eroticism and cruelty of the novel. It might disappoint people who expect a faithful adaptation of the novel. It’s really just based on an episode where Justine meets Dr. Rodin. I liked the character of the doctor in the novel, but he only appears briefly. I expanded the character, giving him more of an identity. It’s always good to show some difference to the original source material, something for people to discuss after the movie.

Filmmaker Alex Hernández.

PopHorror: Are there any other writers or artists whose works you would enjoy trying to translate onto the screen? 

Alex Hernández: For now, no novel comes to mind that I would like to adapt again. I have a couple of unfinished scripts which I hope to be able to finish in the next couple of years.

PopHorror: What do you hope audiences will walk away with after viewing Blood for Flesh

Alex Hernandez: Always make movies with a different proposal, a different narrative, unpredictable characters, an aesthetic that breaks the standards of how movies are made. I like when people are filled with feelings of anger and violence after seeing a movie, when it seeps into their psyche in some way. After a certain public screening, some people attacked me verbally. For me, that means I have done my job well. (laughs)

PopHorror: If you could program a double feature at any venue in the world, what two films make your bill and where are they screening?

Alex Hernández: I’m a fan of Éric Falardeau, so maybe Thanatomorphose and Justine, in a cinema somewhere in France. It would also be crazy to screen Seul contre tous by Gaspar Noe and Justine in France as well. 

We would like to thank Alex for taking the time to talk with us. Keep your eyes peeled for Blood For Flesh when it becomes available!

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