Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered (2017) Book Review

Legendary Aussie artist Martin Trafford has been a busy boy, sketching covers and themes for a majority of indie films. He has also teamed up with German cult filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit, director of Nekromantik, to deliver a very cool underground comic that serves as a sequel to the films. Presented by Pieces and Horror Planet, the book Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered is a collection of Martin’s horror art all under one cover.

There is a cool intro from Jörg Buttgereit, who also directed Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer and Der Todesking: The Death King. We get a second intro from Scott Schrimer, director of Harvest Lake and Plank Face. The beginning of the book features a plethora of Trafford’s signature style art work. To name a few, Martin has done art for Flowers, 100 Tears, Plank Face, Torture Fetish, Blood Pigs, Edmund Kemper, Blutnacht, Revisiting Melancholie Der Engel, Befouled, Gutterballs, Barricade… and the list goes on. There are also works he did as a part of a competition for The Hellraiser Chronicles, other sketches for Space Babes From Outer Space and much more. Martin will also be doing a 5 page comic strip for Arrow Video’s upcoming 4K restoration Blu-ray of Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case.

The book also includes the first English edition of Captain Berlin. The original first issue of the awesome comic hero was done by Weissblech Comics in October 2013. It’s very cool to see the hero in an English edition with artwork done by Martin. Captain Berlin battles a toxic waste malformed fish called Fukuda. It all starts off with some fish that were harvested in the waters next to the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan. The fish were brought to a sushi restaurant and served, despite their toxic properties. One of the fish infected a person, while the other one was flushed down a toilet, only to mutate and cause much destruction and chaos. Only Captain Berlin can save the day, but he has to fight fire with fire and risk exposure to the same radiation.

Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered is a limited edition book which was funded by backers in a couple of editions. Martin Trafford can be contacted on Facebook for information regarding the book or look him up here, where you can see an amazing online display of his work. Martin Trafford is an amazing and unique talent, a bang up guy and demented underground horror supporter, so be sure to give him some PopHorror support.

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