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Juval Marlon’s ‘Sturmgewehr’ (2019) Short Film Review

Writer/Director Juval Marlon has unleashed his latest film atrocity, Sturmgewehr, upon mankind. The underground Swiss filmmaker, who runs Beheading Films, has been releasing more and more disturbing material, starting with short film Torture Fetish and Dead Baby Mutilation. Marlon then took a break from underground, snuff-style gore, making a film about local …

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Hung, Drawn And Slaughtered (2017) Book Review

Legendary Aussie artist Martin Trafford has been a busy boy, sketching covers and themes for a majority of indie films. He has also teamed up with German cult filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit, director of Nekromantik, to deliver a very cool underground comic that serves as a sequel to the films. Presented by …

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