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Boston Underground Film Festival Announces Inaugural Launch of BUFF-o-WEEN


For the first time in its 22 year history, the Boston Underground Film Festival is launching a mid-year mini-fest to bring a selection of seasonally appropriate thrills and chills to New England cinephiles! Marking the midway point between 2019’s BUFF and the upcoming festival in March 2020, the weirdos behind …

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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2019 Announces First Wave


THE BROOKLYN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES FIRST WAVE FOR 2019  The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival returns to bring the best and most provocative horror cinema to local screens across Brooklyn from October 17th – 24th! We’re proud to announce wave one of the lineup, which includes premieres from around the …

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BUFF 2019: Happy Ending (2017) Short Film Review

Sometimes, it seems like your life is going nowhere. Sometimes, it seems like what you really want is too far away for you to reach. Sometimes, we’re filled with more wishes than fulfillment. We could all use a Happy Ending.  Synopsis: When Amanda (Mariam Hernández: 6 Points About Emma 2011), …

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BUFF 2019 Review – ‘The Unthinkable’ Delivers An Unthinkably Ambitious Story

The Swedish crew of Crazy Pictures released The Unthinkable (AKA Den blomstertid nu koomer) in 2018 which follows a tragic story of a boy dealing with an abusive father, being in love, and trying to survive a mysterious attack on his country. The lead actor, Christoffer Nordenrot, who portrays Alex, …

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BUFF 2019: Bianca Tomchin’s ‘Supine’ Is A Sheer Work Of Art

Supine is a short film from the mind of debut director Bianca Tomchin, starring Megan Hind (Cleverman TV series), Ryan Morgan (Ultraviolence 2018), and Aaron Healey (Suburban Wildlife 2019). The film is set up in vignettes, and follows a woman named Niamh who is locked in a gated compound and …

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