‘Fragmentary’ (2019) Movie Review: A Thrilling, Edge of Your Seat Experience

Almost everyone has lost someone they loved. Someone they miss. Some people say they’d do ANYTHING to see them again. If you had the opportunity to travel to an alternate reality to be runited with the one you love, would you? Not knowing why or how? This is what the main character in Fragmentary goes through and more.

This new horror thriller was directed and written by Jace Pickard (Lead Me Astray, Remember Redfield). Pickard also stars in the film alongside Jacinta Moses (After Nightfall), Debbie Neilson (Ambrosia), Helen Shoobert (Remember Redfield), Renee Lim (Please Like Me), and Sandy Winton (Son of the Mask).


Synopsis for Fragmentary 

A man believes he can travel to an alternate reality under the influence of alcohol, to see the love of his life, who was murdered in his reality two years before.

When I first started watching Fragmentary, I was a bit lost. There was a lot going on and it was a bit of a mind-fuck. However, I found that after watching it from beginning to end that’s exactly how I was supposed to feel. That’s how the main character felt. This is a nail-biting, edge of your seat horror thriller that will take you on a path of madness and make you slowly but surely lose your mind. I definitely felt some influences throughout the film including The Butterfly Effect. Whether or not Jace Pickard meant for that to happen, there were similar tones, themes, and messages to that one and I really enjoyed it.

Fragmentary (2019)

All of the performances are phenomenal, which I was grateful for. With a film like this, if the acting isn’t good, it’s hard for the viewer to take it seriously. Jace gives an emotionally powered performance that is riveting and soul-crushing. His character, Ben, faces many obstacles throughout the story including different realities, discovering who he really is, and the chance to reunite with his long lost love. You see his character break over and over again, but never give up. Meanwhile, his character’s relationship with his best friend, Trish (Helen Shoobert) was heartwarming and realistic. Everyone needs a friend like her, no matter what reality you’re living in. Shoobert gave an equally phenomenal performance and made the film even better. I also really loved Ben’s relationship with his mother, Maureen (Jacinta Moses). She gives a wonderful performance as a caring and protective mother who only wants the best for her son even if it means hiding the truth from him.

With different realities comes unexpected twists and turns, which helps build the tension and mystery of the film. That’s where the film really began to draw me in. I loved the mystery and wonder of it all. One drink can change everything.

Fragmentary (2019)

One of my other favorite things about Fragmentary is the cinematography and special attention to detail. There’s a certain scene towards the middle-end that stuck out to me. Although some of this story is frightening and confusing, this scene, in particular, captures the beauty of it all. Second chances. Missed Opportunities. Magic.

Final Thoughts

This is one that took me by surprise. I’ve enjoyed Jace Pickard’s previous work, but I didn’t expect to love this one as much as I did. It’s always satisfying to know that a project you’ve supported from the beginning turns out well. Fragmentary is the perfect horror-thriller packed full of suspense, mystery, beauty, and sacrifice. If you love to be surprised, the twists in this one will certainly do so. Fragmentary has its Sydney Premiere on October 21st and started its Australia tour on October 28th. As of right now, there are no US release dates, but hopefully soon. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to check it out as soon as you can!

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