FantastiCon 2023

FantastiCon Comic Convention – Toledo, Ohio – Event Review

While technically not a horror convention (my usual haunts), Fantasticon-Toledo this past weekend, had plenty to offer the average horror fan.

Walking into the, very full on Sunday, Seagate Convention Center, you immediately got the feeling that you were, somewhat anyways, among “your tribe”. There was definitely some full frontal nerdity on display here!

FantastiCon 2023

FX artist Daniel Phillips had the most striking display of his various creatures and prosthetics. Consequently, he had a lot of traffic at his table. His work is amazingly realistic and disturbing, and he had a lot of inquiries about his make-up FX internship program.

Lovecraftian comic writer Dirk Manning, a true gentleman among his peers, was his usual engaging self, looking dapper in his signature head-to-toe black. Proudly displaying his new works, he even described his new Cthulhu children’s book (?!?!?) at length.

My main focus was meeting Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley. He is the foremost reason I still buy comics at my advanced age… He was a pleasure to chat with, and even remembered details from the interview I did with him 10+ years ago. As planned, I had him sign a stack of stuff.

And, of course, there were the cosplayers! With varying degrees of effectiveness, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and others could be spied mixed up with Star Wars, superheroes, and anime characters. I couldn’t help but notice–not a single, solitary Ash Williams. Dammit! The local Ghostbusters also made an appearance. And what comic con would be complete without the Back To The Future DeLorean??

All in all, there were many opportunities for a strict horror fan to have a lot of fun: artists, merch, and quite a few vintage horror mags could be found. Again, you always have a tribal sense of belonging when you’re amongst your fellow nerds, regardless of the specific genre. But, as a public service, I must beg…nay, BESEECH you–PLEASE for the love of whatever God you worship, take a shower and apply some deodorant before you attend these things. Trust me, nobody’s convention experience is enhanced in any way, shape, or form by your funk. For real.

That being said–see ya at the next one!

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