Come Back To Me (2014) – Review

There are several movies on Netflix that I have yet to see. However, when I go to browse for a horror movie it seems the majority of them have a one star rating. I understand that a lot of horror flicks do not live up to expectations but the rating system isn’t always one hundred percent correct. The 2014 film Come Back To Me came into my line of vision one evening while attempting to Netflix and chill. You can probably imagine my skepticism when I saw it had a two star rating. Hey now! At least it wasn’t a one! Despite the low rating, I decided to give the movie a chance. The synopsis alone intrigued me so I thought “Why not?” Did Come Back To Me end up being a waste of time or does it really deserve more credit?

Directed by Paul Leyden, Come Back To Me opens with Sarah (Katie Walder) and her husband Josh (Matt Passmore) introducing themselves to their new neighbor Dale (Nathan Keyes). There is something strange about him from the start. Sarah doesn’t think anything of it until she begins blacking out and having nightmares that include Dale. She constantly wakes up in random places with no recollection of how she got there. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Sarah sets up a camera to find out the truth. She learns something more horrifying than she bargained for.

This movie blew my mind in the best way possible. After viewing the entire product, I am baffled with the two-star rating it received. Sure, it is a little slow going at first but that is only because the movie is being set up for the rest of the story.  The premise of the movie is legitimately scary. When Sarah finally figures out what is going on, I was frightened right along with her. It is some messed up shit.


For me, stalker films are typically hard to take seriously.  Most of the time the villain comes off super cheesy and I just laugh the whole time.  I did do that with this movie too but not as much.  Nathan Keyes can definitely play one creepy ass dude.  He didn’t take the role of Dale over the top.  If he had, the movie would not have worked. Walder was also believable in her role as Sarah.  I have much appreciation for any actor who can get the tears flowing.  Walder is no exception as she does it well.  I also liked that her character was smart and motivated.  It just goes to show that bad things can happen to anyone at any time.  If I had to choose one thing I didn’t care for it would probably be Sarah’s husband Josh.  I didn’t really understand his role.  It was almost like he was a filler character as most of the emphasis is on Sarah.  In my opinion, the movie would have fared without him.


Another thing I loved about Come Back To Me was how unexpected the ending was.  It is perhaps the most epic horror ending I have seen in forever.  It is brilliant when a movie can catch you off guard like that.  My favorite horror films usually contain an element of surprise so it is a given that I would love this film.

Overall, Come Back To Me was a fun surprise of a movie. The actors bring justice to the film, the story is awesome, and the twist at the end proves it is an underrated gem.  Just because a movie is given a low rating does not mean you will not enjoy it. So, the next time you find yourself in that situation, take a chance because you might be pleasantly surprised!

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