Just What the Doctor Ordered: Demonic Attachment (2016 Short)

“By the power of three times three!” I love a well told witch story and to be honest, there’s not enough of them out there. Witches are alluring and powerful, but they can also be downright evil. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Demonic Attachment for the first time and saw a bit of witchy goodness along with demonic forces afoot. 

Demonic Attachment was directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky and written by Jennifer Nangle aka Malvolia: the Queen of Screams who is also the main star of the story. This horror short was filmed by Marco Elorreaga and is around 12 minutes long, delivering an interesting take on demonic possession. Demonic Attachment also has a great female-driven cast including Jennifer FaracDyana Liu, Rhobye Wyatt, and Bella King.

The short is based on a true story and centers around Jennifer Ryan (Nangle) who has been suffering from unknown debilitations for the past two years. When Dr. Lori Russell (Farac) shows up to help, she figures out that a demonic force is present in Jennifer and recruits her friends to help force the spirit out of her. But why is it there it in the first place? Will the doctor’s solution work?

This is a mystery horror short, but the viewer almost forgets this fact while watching it. Demonic Attachment is one of the best demonic/witch stories I’ve seen in a long time and it was told in a brief amount of time with great performances, lovable characters, and overall intense moments.

demonic attachment

I adore Jenn Nangle and her performance in this short. Beyond her alter ego as Malvolia, this was by far my favorite role of hers thus far. Everything about her character is raw and heart-wrenching. I could feel her her pain, exhaustion, and complete willingness to just give up. Plus, it’s always refreshing to see a strong woman like Jenn in the horror industry, who embraces her body, and although beautiful, is not afraid to look like Hell or have blood smeared all over herself when the occasion arises.

I really enjoyed the other actresses as well. Each character brought something to the table and made the story even more enjoyable to watch.

Beyond that, the special effects by Miguel Rodriguez were pretty cool and helped create that spooky atmosphere. There is one part in the beginning where a shadow figure is reaching out and then there’s a cool little bit at the end that I thought was shot really well. The final shot was an eerie and effective scene that makes you wonder if there will be a part 2. I can’t say much beyond that because I don’t want to give anything away.

Overall, I immensely enjoyed Demonic Attachment and the way the filmmakers went about creating it. I think possession films have been overdone, but this one was different for me. Plus, the fact that this was a short story and was able to deliver on all aspects is not only impressive but raises the bar for not only horror shorts but for full features as well. Bring the salt, surround yourself in a safe circle, and give this witchy demonic tale a shot as soon as you can!

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