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One PopHorror Writer’s Top 5 Demonic Possession Films

A lot of us have watched possession movies like The Exorcist, which was perhaps the greatest demonic possession movie of all time. It’s universally loved and hated. Some think it’s perfect and others think it’s too real or scary. For me, my first demonic viewing was something I saw on …

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World Premiere Trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Demonic’!

Chris William Martin as ‘Martin’ in Neill Blomkamp’s DEMONIC. Courtesy of IFC Midnight. An IFC Midnight Release.

The upcoming new sci-fi/horror film directed by Neill Blomkamp (Elysium): Demonic. The film stars Carly Pope (Elysium), Terry Chen (Falling), Chris William Martin (Chaos Theory), and Nathalie Boltt (District 9). This one looks absolutely fantastic! Synopsis  From the director of DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM, a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at …

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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Demonic’ (2021) – Official Teaser Released

Visionary filmmaker Neill Blomkamp is back with Demonic (2021), an all new feature length horror film, released in partnership with IFC Midnight!  It’s coming soon, and we’ve got all the details for you right here. It looks badass! Check it out! Demonic (2021) Synopsis From the director of DISTRICT 9 …

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‘Watch Over Us’ (2015) Movie Review

Horror films centered on demons are a dime a dozen. The genre, much like zombies, has been done to death and there is very rarely an interesting take anymore. Recently I got the chance to check out the demonic horror film Watch Over Us. Was it more of the same or did …

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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Demonic Attachment (2016 Short)

“By the power of three times three!” I love a well told witch story and to be honest, there’s not enough of them out there. Witches are alluring and powerful, but they can also be downright evil. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Demonic Attachment for the first time …

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