Bag Man

Connor Strader’s ‘Bag Man’ Is Silly, Bloody Fun!

Connor Strader (Misfortune Teller, Black Magic) is back with an all new short horror film with a “Go Green” message: Bag Man! Indie production company American Projects unveiled the all-new slasher villain in the teaser trailer for their upcoming short film earlier this month. Bag Man is set to drop on August 5, 2017, but we got an early look. Check out the teaser and read our thoughts below!

What is Bag Man all about?

An ex-garbage man who kills people who don’t separate their recyclables.

Synopsis: Two friends face the wrath of a disgruntled ex-garbage man gone rogue, who stalks the night and vows to exterminate youths who fail to separate their trash and recyclables. The film is both a parody of the slasher genre and a celebration of it; poking fun at the genre’s conventions and clichés, while embracing them all at once. It’s a true love letter to the genre, presented from the warped perspective of its young filmmakers.

Bag Man started on Indiegogo. The team raised more than $1,000 to fund the production. Connor Strader’s previous short film, Black Magic, was an official selection of the 2014 Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival.

So what did we think of Bag Man? Read on!

Bag Man
There Will Be Blood

Bag Man stars Travis Lowe and Connor Strader. The mysterious villain rounds out the cast in what is obviously a lean production. They definitely got the most out of their $1,000!


Despite the small budget, the film features some pretty nifty camera work and shot composition. There’s some solid lighting, as well. I’m not sure if the Academy will notice, but Strader proves himself to be a very capable actor. I really enjoyed his performance in Bag Man. The music is well done, too. Garren Orr did some nice work for the soundtrack.

Bag Man is flat out funny. I had so much fun watching this. Strader’s comedic approach blends really well with the horror tropes he’s channeling. They set out to embrace and poke fun at the genre simultaneously. Mission accomplished!


Why is this film only 11 minutes long? I love the concept of a killer garbage man and I want to see more. Give us a feature length picture! Seriously. I really wish I’d thought of this. If I can’t have a feature, I hope we at least get a sequel. This is some good stuff.

Bag Man
Reminds Me Of My College Days


Thumbs up for Bag Man. I had fun; you’ll have fun. Be sure to check it out, along with Connor’s other work over at his YouTube page and his Vimeo page. A good time is in the bag!

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