Escape From Area 51

Cleopatra Entertainment Releases Teaser Clip for ‘Escape From Area 51’

Cleopatra Entertainment has released its first teaser clip for their Sci-Fi comedy Escape From Area 51. The clip features Donna D’Errico (Baywatch) – a displaced alien trying to find her way back to her home planet – demonstrating the effectiveness of her “bio-info pod” to a group of teenage conspiracy theorists. As her Bio-info pod starts to glow we’re treated to the “Shining Diamonds” track by THE PROG COLLECTIVE, featuring the late Chris Squire (YES), Patrick Moraz (YES/MOODY BLUES), Billy Sherwood (YES), Alan Parsons (THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL).

Synopsis for Escape From Area 51

This film begins when a group of teenage conspiracy theorists try to raid the infamous military base, Area 51, in the Nevada desert. No one gets in – but someone gets out. Sheera (D’Errico), a sexy alien warrior, uses a power glitch to escape from captivity at Area 51. Her escape using a portal gun sets off an energy signature which attracts the attention of her arch-rival in space Sklarr (Browning). Sheera must now elude an Area 51 scientist, as well as Sklarr, to rescue her fellow warrior and find her way back to her planet.

Escape From Area 51

“I have always been fascinated by the Sci-fi genre and Escape From Area 51 explores the possibility of an alien escaping from the top-secret Nevada facility during an attempted raid by teen conspiracists.,” said Producer/Girls And Corpses Founder Robert Rhine. “We were very lucky to get actress Donna D’Errico (Baywatch) on board as our lead alien along with Frankie Sixx (D’Errico’s daughter with famed Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx) in her first movie role. Fans will have a blast watching this fun sci-fi flick.”

Escape From Area 51 will be released domestically on VOD Platforms this August 31st and also as a Home Entertainment DVD and a deluxe Blu-Ray package complete with a bonus CD Soundtrack on September 7th.

Escape From Area 51

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