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BITS Festival 2018: Bloody Bits Shorts Showcase Part 1

The Blood in the Snow Horror Film Festival is one of my favorite festivals of the year. After covering it last year, I got to review some of the best shorts and features I’ve ever seen. Now I’m here to say that the same can be said for BITS 2018. I have a love affair with horror shorts, so I was stoked to cover the Bloody Bits Shorts Showcase Part 1.

Check out what I have to say about each them and which ones I think are a must-watch!

BITS Festival 2018: Bloody Bits Shorts Showcase Part 1



Alone in your house trying to take some cute pictures? You never know who may be photo-bombing you.

Directed by Robin Young, #Selfie delivers a surprising and quirky short that makes you think about taking your next selfie or at least to check your surroundings before you do.


He Likes It Rough


A traumatized woman takes her power back through unconventional means.

This is my second favorite short in the showcase and probably one of my favorite shorts of the year. It depicts revenge in a clever way that doesn’t leave room for mistakes or broken promises of justice. The lead actress delivers a strong, emotional performance that takes your breath away.




Students learn the hard way why they need to wear all of their warm clothes outside as they feel the frost… BITE!

This short is the creation of a group of Yellowknives Dene students at Kaw Tay Whee School in Dettah, Northwest Territories. It’s such an adorably creative tale about the horrors of being frostbitten and why it’s important to bundle up tight. Not only is a great story from such brilliant young minds, it’s informative and educational as well. Frostbite stands strong among all these horror shorts, and I’m glad that it’s receiving a lot of love.


Santa’s Helper


A down on his luck elf must deliver a lump of goal on Christmas to earn his way back into Santa’s good books, but when a 8-year-old girl, who’s definitely on the naughty list, catches him in the act, the Elf must find a way to escape by any means necessary.

Out of all the shorts in the Bloody Bits showcase, my favorite was Alex Hatz’ Christmas horror story, Santa’s Little Helper. I’m a sucker for holiday horror, and this was so brilliantly creative and fun. It gives Elf on the Shelf a whole new meaning, and the little girl in story is horrifyingly delightful.


That’s Not Me


During a stormy night home alone, a young woman is confronted by someone who may or may not be her best friend.

Charlie Hamilton’s horror short, That’s Not Me, was a bit of a mind fuck and utterly twisted. It was an original and creative story, and although it played well as a short, I would love to see a full length feature of it someday.

Quiet Room Bears


What was to be a simple home renovation project quickly turns into a horrific nightmare when Simon hits a downward spiral to sanity and at the center of it all, a mysterious bear whose origins are more sinister than they seem.

Lee Howard’s Quiet Room Bears is quite frankly one of the most terrifying stories I’ve ever watched. It starts out light and fluffy and slowly turns dark and demented. The special effects and makeup are top notch and create this real life nightmare that will leave you never able to look at teddy bear the same way again.


Greater Good


When a pregnant woman receives an unexpected visit from two strangers, she is faced with making an unthinkable decision.

Andrea Ashton’s Greater Good was probably one of the most powerful shorts I’ve ever seen. It’s a heartbreaking story with a phenomenal performance from the leading actress. I’ve never seen a story like this, and the subject line smacks you in the face, making you wonder what you would do in her situation.


The Suburbanight


Aria Lefler just wants to feed her hungry kid and have a quiet night at home. When her bothersome neighbor continually interrupts their family time, Aria finds the perfect solution to their problems.

The Suburbanight may be a short story, but it still delivers twists and turns that you won’t be expecting. I really enjoyed the mother-son bond in the film and the unsettling atmosphere that is preset throughout its run-time.


Hunting Season


As a recovering alcoholic, Callie is struggling to move on from her past in this haunting blue-collar community. When a violent creature escapes from a group of local hunters, it happens upon her at the station. Callie comes face to face with the beast and an unlikely bond forms between creature and girl which will change Callie’s life forever.

Shannon Kohli’s Hunting Season was enchantingly unexpected. I really like how it played out and loved the connection that developed between Callie and the creature. It was an understanding and you can feel their connection. Great performances, cinematography, and superb special effects.




Sylvie is a taxidermist content with being isolated from people in her large house in the mountains of France – her only company is work. That is until Oz, an American hitchhiker stumbles upon her path. The two become close and Sylvie begins to question what it means to live.

Nicole Goode’s short, Supine, was absolutely stunning. Phenomenal performances, exquisite cinematography, and a beautifully disturbing story. I felt like I was watching a feature length film, and it completed captivated me. Riveting.

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