‘Ombis 2’ In Development With Director Adam Steigert Returning

Working under the title Ombis Alien Awakening, Ombis 2 will follow Haley Greenheart as she attempts to expose the government in the Metzburgh coverup featured in the original film, Ombis Alien Invasion, only to find the invasion isn’t over and something is awakening.

Released in 2013, the original film told a 1950s-style alien invasion story in a village whose glory days were long past. It begins to infect the townsfolk, making them host to an alien plague known as Ombis. The virus is not the only thing that has invaded this small community. A creature known only as The Nemesis has arrived in an attempt to collect the alien plague which originated from its home planet. It is up to a small group of uninflected survivors to fight the invasion and make it out alive.

Director and franchise creator Adam Steigert (our interview) is currently in talks with co-producing partners 388 Studios, Kristen Steiger and original producer Christopher Burns, Jr. to bring this next stage to life!

Check out our interview with Director Adam Steigert below!

Currently casting is limited but the filmmaker is eyeing Sara (Manzella) Longoria for a return as Lucy Greenheart. Gregory Blair is in talks to play a character known as Doctor Hackman (according to IMDb), and a mysterious character could be returning from the dead! Original makeup duo and graduate of the legendary Douglas Academy School of Arts, team Phil Beith and Jill Jovic could be returning! Director Adam Steigert has also expressed interest in working with current Douglas Academy School of Arts member and rising star Ashley Pfalzer!

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Interview with Director Adam Steigert and Producer Christopher Burns, Jr. as they talk about the possibility of Ombis 2.

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