Necromaniacs and Scarlet Piss Princess
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Available Now on DVD From Goredrome Pictures: ‘Necromaniacs’ and ‘Scarlet Piss Princess’

Available now on DVD from Goredrome Pictures are the first two films in the Abomination Collection:  Necromaniacs and Scarlet Piss Princess.

Necromaniacs: Directed by Stephen F. Flannagan and starring Lars Ueland and Vibeke Rauhala.


Dario and Maria are a young couple who share a mutual fascination for the dead and the macabre and nothing can stop them. The couple’s dreams will finally come true when he decides to make a special gift to his girlfriend…


Scarlett Piss Princess: Directed by Jack Mulvanerty (Doll Fluids) and starring Emily E (Split).

Scarlett Piss Princess Synopsis

This arthouse fetish film shot in just two days tells a story of trauma, fetishism and masochism in which a tormented and depressed girl, from necessity, needs to do a painful cam show to make money.

Necromaniacs and Scarlet Piss Princess are the first two films of the Abomination Collection, the extreme series with exclusive artwork by Shin Nagai on the box set. Created and distributed by Goredrome Pictures, the Abomination Collection consists of 14 shocking films that deal with a cluster of strong subject matter including a lot of perversions.

The other 12 films of the series will be announced in the coming months. Stay tuned for details!


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