7 Crazy Summer Camps in Horror Movies

“School’s out for summer, school’s out forever!!!” Well, maybe not quite yet. But in a few weeks, students will be fleeing schools, throwing their hands in the air and rejoicing in the freedom that only summer can bring.  As an adult, it’s not as exciting anymore because “adulting” is hard; however we can still enjoy some activities during this time of year. Some of the lucky few go on vacation while others take it easy by the pool, discover a new hobby, or catch up on sleep. If none of that tickles your fancy, there’s always the traditional summer camps to volunteer at.

Summer camps are a great choice, but they can be time-consuming. And if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to volunteer at one. But no worry, that is what movies are for: a way to escape without escaping. Horror movies especcially have some of the best summer camp stories ever, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home – screw the blistering sunburn, pestering bugs, stiff beds, loud kids, and enjoy the beauty of central air conditioning with an ice cold drink.  Here are 7 Crazy Summer Camps in Horror Movies to start the next month out right!

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