Top 5 Golden Age Slashers You’ve Definitely Never Seen

It’s enough to make your head spin.

In the 1980s, horror had a genre explosion like we’ve never seen before or since. This seemingly unhinged growth in the movie world owes everything to one subgenre: slashers. There were so many slashers. According to IMDb user CaptainCracker, between 1980 and 1989 there were roughly 293 slasher films produced and distributed. That’s bananas, right? With Halloween (1978) and Black Christmas (1974), there emerged a stencil and a money making incentive that really hasn’t been rivaled.

But with all those titles, some can get lost. Whether buried by the filmmakers, sealed in nuke-proof vaults by the studios, or scrubbed from IMDb by embarrassed actors who’d rather forget, some films premiered, shouted and danced for a little while, and then disappeared into battered VHS history. If only they could be found. Thankfully, I have no life and I have the spirit of a slasher-cinema Indiana Jones. I’ve been treasure hunting for the wackiest and most obscure slashers I could find. I present to you, good reader, my blood splattered findings. Enjoy.

About Billie Wood

Billie is a horror obsessed writer with a love of Giallo, Vincent Price, and any horror movie set in the West. She can't wait to tell you about how Videodrome is a sci-fi horror love letter to trans girls like her.

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