Top 10 Urban Legends From Around The World

Happy Halloween month, horror lovers! To celebrate our favorite time of the year, PopHorror wanted to bring you our top 10 urban legends from around the world – five myths and five truths. So sit back and get ready to be scared.


Top 5 Urban Legends That Are Only Myths

Meat is Murder 

The is creepy urban legend comes all the way from Germany. It seems that in post-war Berlin, a women walking through a crowd one day saw a blind man struggling. She offered to help him. He told her he was trying to deliver a letter – would she take it for him? She was going that way, so she said yes. She set off with the letter, but remembered to check and see if the blind man was doing okay. She caught sight of him without his glasses and cane, hurrying down an alley. Feeling suspicious, she went to the police. When they went to the address on the letter she’d been given, they found bags of human flesh. The letter itself read: “This is today’s serving.”

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