Top 10 Leprechaun Death Scenes

Leprechaun is inarguably one of the most entertaining of the horror franchises. The little guy seems as if he would be harmless to a full grown human, however that is not the case. Mix his magic with his viciousness and you have a terrifying concoction. In this list, we will explore the most brutal deaths that the gold hungry little beast is responsible for. It is time to see what that Leprechaun did that made us cringe, laugh, and cover our eyes.

10. Pogo Stick of Death

If you’re a pawn shop owner and you happen to find a gold coin, you might be better off just leaving it well enough alone. This shop owner in particular found out the hard way. Once the Leprechaun found out that he was a no good thief, he decided to pogo all over him. If that isn’t bad enough, he even sang a little song as he murdered him.

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