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GenreBlast 2022: Troma Tries Social Commentary Satire With Liam Regan’s ‘Eating Miss Campbell’ (2022)

Cannibalism seems to be making a comeback in horror lately. In past generations of filmmaking, it was usually something done by an “other,” be it a long lost tribe like in Cannibal Holocaust or a devious doctor like Hannibal Lecter, there was always a degree of separation. Now, that separation …

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Cast For MGM’s Upcoming Animated Film, ‘The Addams Family,’ Announced!

MGM has announced the cast of the upcoming animated film, The Addams Family. This is our very first peek at the film set to release in October 2019. The cast includes so many talented actors, it’s insane! Let’s check out the cast who will be voicing our favorite kooky family. The …

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