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‘Invaluable: The True Story Of An Epic Artist’ Coming Soon To Blu-Ray From Synapse Films


With the success of the latest entry of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise (2023), Synapse films has announced a Blu-Ray release of the Invaluable: The True Story of an Epic Artist. It is a documentary feature about the special effects artist, Tom Sullivan. Read on for more details …

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‘Hail To The Deadites’ (2020) – Nightmares Film Festival 2020 Movie Review

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise has developed quite the fan following over the years. From the original Evil Dead in 1981 to Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz, fans can’t get enough of Ashley J. Williams and his boomstick. That rabid fandom is the subject of Hail to the Deadites, …

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Celebrating 35 Years of ‘The Evil Dead’

The Evil Dead

Today we celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Evil Dead’s release in the United States. This film was easily the first of its kind, which paved way for so many gory splatter films to come. The Evil Dead was the film that jump started Sam Raimi’s (Spider-man 2 2004) career and …

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