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Horror’s Top 10 Deadliest Senior Citizens

When most of the world thinks about senior citizens, they imagine baking cookies, smiling, wrinkly faces and stories about walking to school uphill – both ways – in the snow. But when horror fans are asked to think about people of a certain age, the characteristics that come to mind are …

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Top 10 Found Footage Horror Movies of the 21st Century

In a recent article on iHorror, columnist Carly Knaszak hypothesized that “found footage”, one of the dominate horror subgenres of the 21st Century, may finally have run its course: “Found footage films are a great way to make audiences feel like they are in the actual film. They even leave …

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Review – The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2014) – PopHorror

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that defies your expectations. It offers you more than you ever thought possible, and if you’re lucky, it sticks with you for a while after the credits roll. The Taking Of Deborah Logan is one of those movies. The Taking Of …

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