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Interview With ‘The Swerve’ Director Dean Kapsalis

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to interview Dean Kapsalis, director of The Swerve (2020 – read our review here) starring Azura Skye (One Missed Call). It was true honor to speak with Dean about his amazing film and feature film debut. PopHorror: Who or what inspired you to become …

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Trailer Review: ‘The Swerve’ (2020), Psychological Thriller

The Swerve is an upcoming psychological thriller from writer and director Dean Kapsails (Jigsaw Venus). The film stars Azura Skye (One Missed Call) and Bryce Pinkham (The Good Wife). The movie is being released on major video-on-demand platforms on September 22, 2020 from Epic Pictures. The film made its world …

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Panic Fest 2020 Review: ‘The Swerve’ (2019) Explores A Woman On The Verge

Mental illness is a subject that is often explored in movies, but rarely as raw and successfully done as in Writer/Director Dean Kapsalis’ (Jigsaw Venus 2000) The Swerve. The film stars a fragile, nearly stripped to the core Azura Skye (One Missed Call 2008) as Holly, a woman who slowly …

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