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Nature Fights Back! PopHorror Writers’ Top 15 Eco Horror Flicks To Watch On Earth Day

Spring has sprung, and Earth Day is here once again. Flowers are popping up, birds are singing, the leaves are blowing in the gentle breeze… and angry, mutated animals are getting ready to breed. To celebrate the new life and clean living we strive for on every April 22, let’s …

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Early Bloomer: Carter Smith’s ‘The Ruins’ (2008) 15th Anniversary Review

The Ruins

What?! The Ruins (2008) is turning 15 years already? Sheesh. Well, let’s look back at 2008, a hard year for horror films featuring killer plants. It was a decade of ‘torture porn.’ Audiences craved more horror sequels to Saw (2004) and Hostel (2005), while thrillers like The Ruins and The Happening (2008) …

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Top Ten Cringe-Inducing Scenes In Horror

Horror flicks are infamous for pushing the limits of their devoted viewers. Every now and again, we fans get a scene that’s outright cringe-inducing, making us writhe in our seats with discomfort. That’s when you know that you’ve been fully submerged into a character’s reality. Throughout this article, I’m going to list what …

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