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Official Trailer and Poster for Vertical Entertainment’s ‘The Haunted’

the haunted

Check out the official trailer and poster for Vertical Entertainment’s upcoming horror film, The Haunted. Coming this May! This film was written and directed by David Holroyd with a cast starring Sophie Stevens, Ray MacAllan, and Nick Bayly. It’s produced by Crispin Manson and Matthew Stradling. Synopsis for The Haunted¬† …

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Screamfest 2018: ‘The Haunted’ Movie Review

There is something chilling about the subtle creaks and moans of an old house… noises that are typically shrugged off with some vague explanation, but unnerving nonetheless. On the other hand, there’s something near terrifying about a loud, startling noise, the type of sound that invokes feelings of unease, causing …

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