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‘THE STIFLING DARK’ Board Game Review

The Stifling Dark is a blend of mystery and survival horror, wrapped up in an asymmetrical horror game made by Sophisticated Cerberus Games. You must work together to find clues about your locations, and whoever is stalking you in the dark. Your light is your best weapon against The Stifling …

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Punchline’s ‘Rule Of Rose’: The Most Disturbing, Captivating Video Game Ever – 15 Years Later

One of my favorite pastimes is to play video games. I grew up with a wide array of survival horror games, and to this very day, I love immersing myself in the gameplay that can be uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, terrifying, and fascinating all at the same time. One of the most …

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‘Alone’ (2020) Trailer, Poster, and Synopsis Revealed

Alone (2020)

Magnet Releasing sends word that John Hyams’s (Black Summer 2019) new survival thriller, Alone, is coming to theaters and video on demand this fall. We’ve got the trailer, poster, and synopsis for you right here! Read on for all the details! Alone Synopsis Jessica, a grief-stricken widow, flees the city …

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Ambiance: A Look Back at ‘Silent Hill’ on its Twentieth Anniversary

Silent Hill

January 31st, 2019 will be the 20th anniversary of the very first Silent Hill (1999) video game release. All these years later, the original has spawned off seven sequels, two films, and a legacy that changed horror video games forever. Prior to its Q1 1999 release all those years ago, …

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‘Open Water’ (2003) And ‘The Reef’ (2010) – Shark-Infested Survival Horror Greats

Both Open Water and The Reef are well-done shark attack movies, but why do they resonate with some people as being classic? Some people don’t like killer shark movies, and not just because they dislike horror films. They just feel that sharks are given a bad rap. One of the characters in …

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New Trailer For Zed Events Survival Attractions: ‘Wasteland Experience!’

Wasteland Experience

Zed Events is the world’s first true post-apocalyptic combat scare attraction. This is a full on, 2+ hour interactive experience where you are a survivor in a post apocalyptic world. With other survivors, you battle for your life across an 250,000 square foot abandoned shopping mall full of combat and …

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Horror Game ‘Agony’ Will Have Optional Censorship Patch

Upcoming survival horror game Agony has come under some scrutiny due to the extreme amounts of violence, torture and nudity that will be prevalent in the game. So much so, that to ensure a console release, developer Madmind Studio had to cut out quite a bit from the game. After consulting with …

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