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Steve Miner’s ‘Friday The 13th Part 2’ (1981) Turns 40 – Retro Review

When Friday The 13th was released in 1980, most people (including its cast and crew) believed it would be a standalone horror film. Enter Friday The 13th Part 2 the following year. Once the studios realized that these slasher films would be cheap to produce and easy to turn a profit, we …

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Movie Review: ‘Friday the 13th: Vengeance’ Will Satisfy Fans of ‘Jason Lives’


When the fight for the rights for Friday The 13th began between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller, Friday fans like myself feared the worst. Namely, that we didn’t know when we would see a new Friday the 13th movie. Then something began to happen, indy directors who were Friday fans …

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‘Friday The 13th: Vengeance’ (2019) Full Movie Now Available

Friday the 13th: Vengeance

The Friday the 13th franchise is currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle over film, title, and character rights. That skirmish has caused a complete shutdown to all things F13 related, including video games, merchandise, and, saddest of all, television properties and feature films. What’s one thing you can’t shut …

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Rest In Peace Steve Dash – Jason from ‘Friday the 13th Part 2’

Steve Dash

It is with heavy hearts that we here at PopHorror announce the passing of Steve Dash. According to HorrorSociety, “Monster Mania, the East Coast’s biggest horror con, is reporting that Steve Dash, who played Sack Jason in Friday the 13th: Part 2, passed away yesterday, December 18th 2018, due to …

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Jason vs. Jason: Famous ‘Friday the 13th’ Set Feuds!

Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason

His name was Jason, and today is his birthday… Happy Friday the 13th, Horror Fam! We’re celebrating by taking a look back at some of the famous feuds and controversies from Fridays past. Grab your hockey mask and sharpen up your machete: it’s go time! Friday the 13th Part 2 …

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