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Surreal, Freaky and Engaging – ‘DIVINITY’ (2023) Movie Review

I’m going to start with this: if you’re checking out Divinity, please keep an open mind. And don’t let that opening statement scare you off either. Or, maybe do, because if that statement would put you off from seeing a film, you wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. Divinity Synopsis In an …

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‘COLD CREEK MANOR’ (2003) Turns 20 – Retro Review

Cold Creek Manor

Blood, guts and gore have never really bothered me in horror films. No, it’s the realistic scenarios, the ones involving creepy neighbors and townsfolk, and feeling a constant sense of discomfort in one’s own home, that usually get me. This is the tone of 2003’s Cold Creek Manor, directed by …

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Coming Soon to Theaters, Digital, and On Demand: ‘KING OF KILLERS’

Coming soon to theaters, On Digital, and On Demand from director Kevin Grevioux is a new action thriller: King of Killers. The film stars Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy), Stephen Dorff (Blade), and Marie Avgeropoulos (Jiu Jitsu). King Of Killers Synopsis Based on a graphic novel by writer-director Kevin Grevioux, …

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Era of The Daywalker: 25 Years of ‘BLADE’ (1998)

Twenty-five years ago, New Line Cinema decided to make a movie adaptation of the Marvel Comics character “Blade” aka Eric Cross aka Frank Blade. Unlike the present-day MCU, Blade was darker, and bloodier, and spawned an era of five years when vampire hunting was cool. Let’s go back to the …

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Coming Soon to Theaters, Digital, and On Demand: ‘Paradise City’

Coming soon to Theaters, Digital and On Demand from Lionsgate and director Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King) is a new action film: Paradise City. The film stars John Travolta (Pulp Fiction), Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense), Blake Jenner (American Animals), and Stephen Dorff (Blade). It will be available on November …

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Dorff Goes to Hell: Tibor Takács’s ‘The Gate’ (1987) Retro Review

This year is the 35th anniversary of the kid-friendly horror classic, The Gate, written by Michael Nankin, directed by Tibor Takacs, and released on May 15th of 1987. It is a cautionary tale of every parent’s worst nightmare: their child accidentally performs a Satanic ritual and opens up a gateway …

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‘Blade’ Is 20 Years-Old And May Be A Little Long In The Tooth!

Blade (1998)

Before Black Panther and Donald Trump, before sparkly vampires and tax evasion, there were “some mother truckers trying to ice skate uphill” in Blade. It’s been 20 years since Wesley Snipes uttered the words, “It’s open season on all suck- heads,” in the 1998 vampire flick by New Line Cinema. Remember, this …

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‘Jackals’ (2017) – A Horrific Yet Satisfying Cult Movie

When I watched the trailer for Jackals, it seemed to me that this film was going to be The Strangers with the volume nob turned up 1,000 notches. Everything about it intrigued me. I have a bit of an obsession with cult-related things, and I could not wait to be able …

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A Boy and his Demons: ‘The Gate’ (1987) Turns 30

Can a 12 year old boy’s life collapse into Hell? Yes, indeed — at least if the demons of The Gate have anything to do with it! Released thirty years ago on May 15, 1987, The Gate walks a fine line between kid’s movie and really sinister, adult-themed horror. Thinking …

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