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One Bite and You’re Hooked: ‘ACROSS THE SPIDERVERSE’ (2023) Movie Review

WARNING: This review contains mild Across the Spiderverse spoilers. Alright. Let’s do this one more time. His name? Miles Morales. Born and raised in Brooklyn, this teen was bit by an interdimensional spider, giving him the amazing abilities of one. After witnessing Peter Parker die trying to stop Wilson Fisk …

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Breaking: Willem Dafoe Cast In New Death Note Film

In what may be considered the best casting decision in modern cinema, Willem Dafoe has officially joined the cast of the American movie adaptation of Death Note, playing Ryuk the Shinigami. Dafoe joins Nat Wolff (Paper Towns, 2015) in the Netflix original film. Adam Wingard (You’re Next, 2011; Blair Witch, …

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