Bathroom Troll

Fantastic Fest 2019 Short Review: ‘Bathroom Troll’ Delivers Sweet Karma

As soon as I saw the title Bathroom Troll on the screening list for Fantastic Fest 2019, I knew I had to see it. That name is just too great and I had a hunch the story would be too.

This short was directed and written by Aaron Immediato. The cast includes Bianca Sanchez, Melissa Connell, Hannah Gold, Kelly Holstrom, Lauren Lee, Kara McGee, and Cassidy Sanders.

Bathroom Troll

Synopsis for Bathroom Troll

After Cassie (Sanchez) gets tormented for not “looking like a girl” in the school bathroom, a demonic vengeance troll awakens to avenge her – only making the nightmare worse.

Bathroom Troll is by far one of my favorite shorts from Fantastic Fest and from 2019 in general. It’s a modern-day horror film that uses the perfect mix of fantasy and reality to create something special.

Bathroom Troll

In many ways, this film is a modern-day version of Carrie. A young girl is tormented for being different, but this type because it’s for not looking like a girl. There’s even a homage to the famous scene in Carrie, where the girls are like “plug it up, plug it up.” Just as effective as the original and just as horrifying. I love how this story shows that revenge isn’t always as sweet as it’s chalked up to be and karma can’t bite you in the ass.

When Cassie’s Mom finds out she is being bullied, she calls on Satan, despite her daughter’s wishes, in hopes he will seek vengeance on the bullies. Her “prayers” are answered in the form of a vengeance troll, who executes pain and humility to all that has brought harm Cassie’s way. Although happy to finally have the attention of Satan, things take a turn for the worse in this blood-soaked nightmare.

bathroom troll

Bianca Sanchez is absolutely amazing in this role and gives an emotionally driven performance. I really felt for her character and admired her kindness despite all the bad things that were happening to her.

The vengeance troll was a vision to watch. When I think of what a troll might look like, this is spot on. Terrifying but also a wee-bit hilarious. I love the makeup and special effects for this creature.

Bathroom Troll

Final Thoughts

If you love revenge films with a twist, Bathroom Troll is for you. Keep your eye out for it within the festival circuit and be sure to check it out as soon as you can!

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