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‘Sightings’ (2017): Hauntingly Heartbreaking

Losing someone is never easy and the mourning process can be unbearable. Two sisters go through this pain in the new horror short Sightings. Sightings was written and directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson. The short stars Angela Parent, Hayden Rose, Chantal Kloosterman, and Maissa Houri. The FX is by Alina Sauve, music …

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‘Sightings’ (2017): Conspiracy of the Cosmos Review

Thousands of strange phenomena sightings are reported each year, ranging from the legendary Bigfoot to UFOs and extraterrestrial life. However, with lack of substantial evidence, such sightings are typically discredited and explained away, believed only by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. A new tale of strange sightings is spun together into …

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