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Coming Soon to Digital: Sarah Jayne And Ivan Malekin’s ‘Machination’

Coming soon to Digital from Nexus Production and directors Sarah Jayne (In Corpore) and Ivan Malekin (To Hold the Moon) is the new horror film, Machination. The film stars Steffi Thake (Camilla), Mikhail Basmadjian (Kon-Tiki 2012), Sean James Sutton (Almost Dead), and Rambert Attard (Uwijja). It will be available May 20, …

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New Psychological Horror Film ‘Machination’ Hits Digital Soon

Coming soon to digital is a new psychological horror film from Nexus Production Group and directors Sarah Jayne (To Hold the Moon) and Ivan Malekin (In Copore): Machination. The film stars Steffi Thake (13 Hours), Mikhail Basmadjian (Kon Tiki – 2012), and Sean James Sutton (Almost Dead). It will be …

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