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Adam Rifkin’s ‘THE INVISIBLE MANIAC’ Vinegar Syndrome 4K Restoration Review

The Invisible Maniac

I’m no prude, certainly, but once I left my teen years I started to veer away from sexploitation more and more. Occasionally you’d get a funny one, but after a while, they seemed like the majority of directors wanted to see boobs in exchange for promises of possible future returns …

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Somtow Sucharitkul’s ‘The Laughing Dead’ (1989) Vinegar Syndrome 4k Restoration Blu-ray Review

I’d like to start this review with a big thank you to Vinegar Syndrome. Not only do they share screener copies of their releases, but thanks to them, cult classic and strange films that are hard to find are preserved in the best quality available. Without their hard work, I …

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‘ARREBATO (RAPTURE)’ 4K Restoration Blu-ray and DVD Out Soon!

Arrebato (Rapture)

Arrebato (Rapture) is the film Pedro Almodóvar calls “An absolute modern classic” and TimeOut praises as “deeply eccentric, brooding and mysterious” and “a hallucinatory, claustrophobic examination of the secret potency of film itself.” Altered Innocence has restored the classic 1979 film and is bringing it to video on demand, Blu-ray, …

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Richard Styles’ ‘Shallow Grave’ (1987) 2k Restoration by Vinegar Syndrome Review

Not to be confused with Danny Boyle’s directorial debut of the same name, this Shallow Grave is one of the latest remasters/re-releases from Vinegar Syndrome. There are similar themes, like murders and poorly hidden bodies, but this film has enough to make it stand apart, and the new release has …

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