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Peeping Behind the Shower Curtain: The Role of Voyeurism in ‘PSYCHO’ (1960)


Psycho is a classic psychological thriller and horror film that has become iconic in the history of cinema and has forever etched itself into horror and pop culture. Regarding the success of the film, Hitchcock said, “Thirty-three percent of the effect of Psycho was due to the music.” However, in …

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Lucky McKee’s ‘MAY’ (2002) – An Ageless Character Study – Retro Review


Simply put, character studies make some of the most intriguing films ever created. From Hitchcock’s genre-defining Psycho (1960) to the more recent masterclass Pearl (2022, read our review here), horror has allowed us to follow some of the most heartbroken and homicidal figures in history. May (2003) is no exception. It …

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Anthony Perkins’ ‘Psycho III’ (1986): Checking In 35 Years Later – Retro Review

When Psycho rode its massive hype train into theaters in 1960, its promotion and formula were considered groundbreaking. Alfred Hitchcock had found his magnum opus, raising the slasher film into prominence for perhaps the first time on a national level in America. Twenty-three years later, after Hitchcock was no longer living, a …

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‘Psycho IV: The Beginning’ (1990): Retro Review

The original Psycho (1960 – read our retro review here) is often regarded as the ultimate horror movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic black and white slasher ushered in the prominence of a whole new subgenre, becoming the origin cited as to why a lot of filmmakers got their start into movies. But what’s …

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The Perfect Horror-Themed Drinks For Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for us horror fans to shed our masks and celebrate the way we truly want to celebrate every day. In order to properly party, we’ll need the perfect beverages for the occasion. Leave it to PopHorror to bring you the coolest and …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – Psycho (1960)

While it is hard for me to choose just one favorite horror movie, the original Psycho is at the top of my list. In 1987, I went to Universal Studios California. An attraction that drew me in was the Psycho house. I was ten and I hadn’t seen the movie …

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Happy Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!

On August 13th, 1899 the world was introduced to Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock.  Little did he know that he would later become one of the greatest horror icons of our time.  With numerous films under his belt, Hitchcock excelled the most in creating suspenseful characters that were more than a …

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14 of the Hottest Psychos in Horror

Although all movie genres provide sexy characters played by beautiful people, there’s nothing quite like a sensual, sinister grin speckled with blood spatter in a horror film. Some of the hottest psychos to grace the silver screen have us thinking that crazy is definitely the new sexy.   Everyone has …

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