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‘BURY ME TWICE’ (2022): A Fun Zombie-Horror-Noir Experiment – Review

Bury Me Twice

Fast zombies. Slow zombies. Trains headed to Busan. Remakes. Talking zombies. Zombie romance. Zom-Coms. Aussie films. The Walking Dead. Zombie musicals. The zombie renaissance started in the early 2000s and it’s never really let up. You have to admit, zombies have been done to death (no pun intended) in recent …

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Coming Soon to Theaters and Digital: ‘THE LAST DEAL’ (2023)

The Last Deal (2023)

Coming soon to theaters and Digital is a thriller directed by Jonathan Salemi (Chasing the Past): The Last Deal. The film stars Sala Baker (Bullet Train), Gigi Gustin (Nightmare at Precinct 84), and Anthony Molinari (Tenet). The Last Deal (2023) Synopsis Black market marijuana dealer Vince is living the high …

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Noir Thriller DRIVE ALL NIGHT (2021) Hits Digital Platforms

Drive All Night

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, is bringing Mutiny Pictures’ Drive All Night to digital platforms soon. The folks behind the noir thriller were kind enough to send us the official trailer and poster ahead of the release, which debuted at Cinequest Film Festival last year. Check out the …

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Jack Quaid and Billy Butcher’s ‘BLOODY MAYHEM’ Now Available Digitally

BLOODY MAYHEM, featuring new illustrations from Butcher Billy, is now available from the digital publisher, NeoText. This is the third novella in Jack Quaid’s Pulp trilogy and it’s currently in development as a feature film. BLOODY MAYHEM is “a lean, mean, pedal-to-the-metal noir that will grab you by the throat …

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‘Dead Jack And The Soul Catcher’ by James Aquilone (2018) Book Review

Last year, I reviewed Dead Jack And The Pandemonium Device, the debut novel from writer James Aquilone (you can read my review here). Ever since, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the sequel. The time has finally come. Dead Jack And The Soul Catcher was released this week. Did it measure up …

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Art of Obsession (2017) Movie Review: When Art Emerges from Insanity

art of obsession

Sliding through a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior can be a frightening reality more terrifying than any brutal onscreen bloodbath of modern horror. While many abductions and captivity films tend to steer towards blood and gore to maintain suspense, Canadian director Ryan M. Andrews takes a different approach with his …

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