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Michael Sarnoski’s ‘Pig’ (2021) Not The Cage You’re Expecting, And That’s A Good Thing – Movie Review

As of late, I’ve noticed that the public perception of Nicolas Cage seems to be entering a re-evaluation. More and more people on social media seem to be shifting from the old school stereotyping of Cage being a meme machine and learning about his genuine talent at his work. Remember the …

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Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ Arthouse Meets Grindhouse in Nic Cage’s Wild Ride

Have you ever wished that there would be a neon fuelled, Mad Max inspired retooling of John Carpenter’s Escape from duology? Then Sion Sono’s American debut Prisoners of the Ghostland may be the best thing you see this year. Synopsis for Prisoners of the Ghostland In the treacherous frontier city …

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