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‘MY BLOODY VALENTINE’ (1981) Vinyl Soundtrack LP Available From Waxwork Records

Waxwork Records does it again with its latest horror soundtrack release, the Deluxe Vinyl LP release of My Bloody Valentine (1981) by Paul Zaza! Check it out! From Waxwork Records Waxwork Records is thrilled to release MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) Original Motion Picture Score by Paul Zaza! Praised by directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as one of …

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My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009) – Retro Review

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Remakes of ’70s and ’80s horror films were all the rage in the 2000s. The box office success of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake in 2003 started a bit of a renaissance. What followed was a hodgepodge of mostly watered down studio fluff, including The Fog, The Wicker Man, and When A Stranger …

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Bill Hinzman’s ‘Flesheater’ (1988): The Zombies Walk Again – Vin Syn 4K Blu-ray Review

In 1968, the world of horror was changed forever as George Romero brought “the living dead” into the public conscience for the first time on a mainstream basis. Twenty years later, Romero’s friend and filmmaking teammate, Bill Hinzman, brought the same concept back from the grave for another feeding frenzy …

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Vinegar Syndrome 4K ‘Schizoid’ (1980)/’X-Ray’ (1982) Release Is Slasher Heaven – Media Review

The 1980s and slashers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Slashers from the ’80s have grown beyond a niche status and evolved into a nostalgic comfort for genre fans. Vinegar Syndrome has embraced this with one of their newest releases, the 4K combo pack of cult genre favorites, Schizoid …

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Canada’s Best: The Great White North’s Lasting Impact On The Slasher Subgenre

When you think about searching out slashers from the eighties, you might not think of looking in Canada. You probably underestimate Canada’s impact on the rise of the subgenre. I want to take a brief look at some of what Roger Ebert called Dead Teenager Movies that were made in …

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Interview With V.H.S. : Canadian Horror Metal Band, Violent Homicidal Slasher

I am a self-described underground horror fan, foodie, craft beer enthusiast and death metal freak, so I was thrilled beyond imagining when I got the chance to interview Mike Hochins from Canadian metal band Violent Homicidal Slasher (AKA V.H.S. – check out my review of their album, A Very Merry …

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