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20 Years Later, ‘Scream 2’ Is Still A Fun And Bloody Slasher

Twenty years ago, on December 12th, was the release of Wes Craven’s revolutionary film that made sequels cool again: Scream 2. Written by Kevin Williamson, the film follows the survivors from the film Scream as they head to college. Much like the first film, the opening 10 minutes are a …

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President’s Day (2017) Movie Review

I’m a huge fan of Deadpool. When I first saw the trailer for President’s Day, it reminded me of one of my favorite Deadpool stories – the one where the deceased presidents are resurrected by a Shield Agent who also happens to be a necromancer. Deadpool is then tasked with …

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Stalking Miss Barlow: Indie Film Survival

Opening scenes are crucial to any film hoping to capture the audience’s attention. It sets the tone for what’s to come and what can be expected. Stalking Miss Barlow, a 24-minute short comedic horror, does exactly this as a busty female flees from a machete-wielding killer through the woods. With …

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