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Sarah Michelle Gellar Stars in Olay Killer Skin – Super Bowl Commercial

Olay Killer Skin

It’s no secret that one of the best things about the Super Bowl is hands down the commercials. One of our favorites thus far is the Olay Killer Skin one starring the beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar.  She is one of our favorite scream queens making her the perfect pick for this …

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Jason vs. Jason: Famous ‘Friday the 13th’ Set Feuds!

Friday the 13th - Jason vs. Jason

His name was Jason, and today is his birthday… Happy Friday the 13th, Horror Fam! We’re celebrating by taking a look back at some of the famous feuds and controversies from Fridays past. Grab your hockey mask and sharpen up your machete: it’s go time! Friday the 13th Part 2 …

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I Am Not A Serial Killer: A Sociopathic Film Adaptation

  Released March 13, 2016 at the South By Southwest Film Festival, I Am Not A Serial Killer follows John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records: Where the Wild Things Are 2009), a reclusive teen who has all the markers of a potentially sociopathic serial killer. When an actual serial killer starts killing …

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