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Review: ‘Monster Under the Bed’ – El & Em’s Kid Corner Series

Monster Under the Bed - El & Em's Kid Corner

Filmmaker and Cinematographer Derek Huey hit me up the other day to check out a new series involving his step-daughters. The YouTube series is called El & Em’s Kid Corner and the first episode is titled “Monster Under the Bed.” He was pretty proud of this collaboration but said it …

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“Can I Keep You?” Devon Sawa Is Ready For A Casper Sequel

Guess what, ladies? Devon Sawa is ready to come back as a ghost in a Casper sequel! Forget Beetlejuice, maybe Devon is really the ghost with the most… at least for us ’90s kids.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Devon Sawa (clearly) – Little Giants, Casper, Now and Then, Night …

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