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ARROW Unveils December, 2022 SVOD Streaming Lineup


Arrow Video was kind enough to send us their December 2022 lineup for their subscription-based ARROW streaming platform. Subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland can stream their content now! Read on for the details, but first, check out the trailer for THE LEECH! From The ARROW Press …

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PopHorror’s Horror Anime Reviews: AniMay Week 4 – Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

This whole month, I’ve been trying to watch horror anime that demonstrates the range of the medium. We’ve had emotional stories, thrillers and impossibly weird non-linear storytelling, and all of it fits into one subgenre of horror or another. One thing we’ve been missing, though, is a mind-peeling, hair-whitening, balls-through-the-wall …

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Sadako Vs Kayako (2016) – Movie Review

The battle that horror fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! In this corner, we have Sadako, the vengeful spirit that spreads her killing curse through a video tape. In that corner, we have Kayako, the hostile entity that curses and kills anyone who enters her house. This should be …

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