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Cast For King’s ‘The Outsider’ HBO Series Adaptation Announced

Stephen King’s latest novel, The Outsider, will receive a small screen adaptation thanks to HBO. Jason Bateman is set to executive produce through his company, Aggregate Films, and he will also direct the first two episodes and might even step in front of the camera a time or two. Oscar nominee …

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Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’ To Become An HBO Series

The Outsider

Stephen King has written more than 50 full-length novels and some 200+ short stories. Many of these tales have found life on the silver screen over the years, including most recent series, The Mist and Under The Dome. We just found out that the latest King property headed to television is 2018 …

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MCM London Comic Con Touts Massive Guest List

MCM London Comic Con is here, and their guest list is impressive! The fans will be out in force this May weekend for this one. What’s the show all about? Who’s going to be there? Read on for those details and more! But first? Check out some highlights from last …

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The Gift (2015) – Review

High school can be cruel as we all know. Do you carry your high school days with you when you graduate? Or do you leave it all in the past and hold no grudges? Perhaps you want to seek revenge to those who treated you poorly if given the opportunity. …

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