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J. Horton’s ‘A HARD PLACE’ Indiegogo Launches, Greg Tally Joins Cast

A Hard Place

Greg Tally (Night of the Tommyknockers) has joined the cast of J. Horton’s (Craving) new horror film A Hard Place. The film also stars Rachel Amanda Bryant (Vexed), Jennifer Michelle Stone II (Kodie), and Malachy Fergus Godfrey (Killer Kong). Production is slated for the end of 2023. A Hard Place …

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Interview With ‘Craving’ Star Rachel Amanda Bryant

Rachel Amanda Bryant is an up and coming phenom in the indie horror industry. She’s been all over the place in the past few years, and we’ve even reviewed her roles in The After Party (2020 – our reviews here and here), 2018’s Scratch (our review), The Campus (2018 – …

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J. Horton’s ‘Craving’ (2023) Practical FX Creature Feature To Star Bill Oberst, Jr. And Felissa Rose

If you’ve spent any time at all here on PopHorror, you’ll know how much we love indie horror icons Bill Oberst, Jr. (Circus of the Dead 2014 – our review, Dis 2018 – our review) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp 1983 – our retro review, Ugly Sweater Party 2018 – …

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Rachel Amanda Bryant: A New, Inspirational Face in Indie Horror

Known in the horror genre as Women in Horror Month, February has become that much more important with the #MeToo movement sweeping across Hollywood. The beautiful, kind and talented writer/producer Rachel Amanda Bryant recently broke into the indie horror scene starring in Jason Horton’s latest Gas Money Pictures film, The …

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‘The Campus’ (2018): A Blood Soaked Collage of Horror

If there’s one thing the timeless horror classic The Exorcist taught us is that most unearthed ancient artifacts should remain buried in the past. Hell, any film featuring an ouija board gives examples that some things are better left alone. The latest supernatural film to hit the indie scene, The …

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