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Robbie Smith’s ‘GRIEVE’ (2023): An Atmospheric Horror Drama – Review

Grieve (2023) is relatable to anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close as they understand the nightmarish existence that the monster called grief creates. This horror drama submerges the audience into this terrifying, dreary abyss.  Grieve (2023) Synopsis Sam is grieving the tragic loss of his love. A …

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Denzel Whitaker Knows The Importance Of Nuance – The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster Actor Interview

While this interview is spoiler-free, I’m still going to tell you to see The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster if you haven’t already! And in case you missed the review, you can check it out here. What I appreciated about The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster was the nuance. But …

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Movie Review: John Swab’s Dark ‘Body Brokers’ Puts A Price Tag On Human Life

Alice Englert as Opal in the thriller BODY BROKERS, a Vertical Entertainment release. Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

Seeing as the film is grounded in a very serious real-life issue, I feel I should give a fair warning to anyone reading this: If you or anyone you love has struggled with drug addiction, Body Brokers will not be an easy watch. Synopsis for Body Brokers Brought to Los Angeles …

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Movie Review: Samuel Vainisi’s ‘Violet’ (2020) A Complicated Revenge Story


I’ve been sitting on this film for some time now because I am a huge fan of the director and wanted to give it the respect and attention it deserved. However, when it comes to assault especially sexual assault, sometimes I’m not able to watch things because it triggers my …

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Netflix 2020 Review: Terrie Samundra’s ‘KAALI KHUHI’


Netflix has dropped some awesome horror films recently and one of them includes the new intense horror drama, KAALI KHUHI. It was directed by Terrie Samundra and stars Shabana Azmi, Leela Samson, and Sanjeeda Sheikh. Synopsis for KAALI KHUHI In the dark fields of a rural village a man breaks …

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