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PopHorror Goes To ‘H40: 40 Years of Terror’ – Biggest ‘Halloween’ Convention To Date

Summer has come to an end… the days are getting shorter… the leaves are changing, falling to the ground… the wind blows through the skeleton trees, filling the crisp night air with a wispy, dry rattle… It can only mean one thing – autumn is upon us and Halloween is …

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Top 10 Easter Eggs In ‘Halloween’ (2018)

Happy Halloween month, horror fans! To celebrate both the month and the release of Halloween 2018, we’ve compiled a fun list of the top 10 easter eggs in the film. Danny McBride and David Gordon Green knew exactly what they were doing… So sit back and enjoy! *WARNING SPOILERS* 10) The Michael …

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‘Halloween’: 5 Potential Directions The Franchise Can Go In

With David Gordon Green’s Halloween roughly 3 months away, many horror fans have been wondering what the future holds for Michael Myers’ own personal franchise, curious to see what other changes could be made to the slasher series, whether it be on a cinematic, TV or streaming scale. Here are five …

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‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’: Does it Belong?

season of the witch

I’ve stated in a previous article that Michael Myers was and is my favorite villain. He’s the perfect silent killer with no reason for the way he is, which is the scariest part of all and what has carried him through…wait, how many sequels is it now? But one fateful …

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‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ (1982) Is An Underrated Gem – Retro Review

“Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Happy, happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!” Halloween III: Season of the Witch is one movie that is either loved or hated among the horror community. But why? That’s because The Shape aka Michael Myers isn’t in it, and how can you have a Halloween movie without …

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