PopHorror Goes To ‘H40: 40 Years of Terror’ – Biggest ‘Halloween’ Convention To Date

Summer has come to an end… the days are getting shorter… the leaves are changing, falling to the ground… the wind blows through the skeleton trees, filling the crisp night air with a wispy, dry rattle… It can only mean one thing – autumn is upon us and Halloween is approaching. If you’re anything like me, the first word that comes into your head when you hear “Halloween” is “Michael Myers.” One of the horror genre’s most iconic villains, Michael Myers stabbed his way through all other movie concepts and paved the way for the slasher masses. Director John Carpenter (The Thing 1982) and Screenwriter Debra Hill (The Fog 1980) co-wrote the script for a movie that would have a tremendous influential impact at the box office. Halloween was released on October 25, 1978 on theater screens and has generated a widespread fanbase that has celebrated the film and its cult status every five years throughout the past four decades.

The men who brought The Shape to life

In honor of the franchise’s 40th anniversary, HorrorHound has once again provided fans with an opportunity to celebrate yet another Halloween anniversary earlier this month. The Pasadena Convention Center in Southern California housed H40: 40 Years of Terror, the biggest Halloween convention to date, and PopHorror was lucky enough to be there. Celebrity guests included influential directors, stars, and crew. There were also several can’t miss events, such as a special Horror’s Hallowed Grounds filming location bus tour, cast Q&As, exclusive merchandise, professional photo opportunities, an after hour party and Sunday night’s Drinks With Tom Atkins, the star of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982).

Matt Ryan Tobin’s exclusive ‘Halloween’ poster

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator Matt Ryan Tobin created the officially licensed 40th anniversary screen printed poster. He explained the concept behind his design was to incorporate the time that’s passed. Instead of doing something that fans have already seen, he featured deterioration with fall leaves blowing in the wind. Printed on specialty Orange Fuzz French Paper, it capitalizes the emphasis on the Halloween season. It gives the simplistic design a touch of vibrancy that makes it elegant and truly stunning. By request Tobin will add a little spooky flare to your print with a pumpkin sketch next to his signature. A really down to earth and witty person, who I am so thrilled to meet. The artwork available that commemorated the event was astounding, beautifully capturing the most notable scenes or characteristics of the film. As a Michael Myers enthusiast, I was pleased with the amount of merchandise offered at H40: 40 Years of Terror. There was so much to look at! Check out the vendors pictured below to see some of their products.

Michael Myers GeekiTiki from FYE

One product that stood out to me was the GeekiTikis Mugs sold that the FYE booth. FYE is an entertainment retail store that sells new and pre-owned music, movies, and video games, alongside T-shirts, collectibles, and the latest Funko Pop figures. This store is located in Montebello, CA, and their inventory is available on their website. The sales rep, Jaime, informed me of their GeekiTikis collection featuring Pennywise, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, the Universal Monsters, and more icons to come. Commercial illustrator Jason Edmiston released a new edition of oversized Eyes Without A Face (EWAF) portraits with the Myers house background, exclusive for attendees only. He also released a new screen print of Laurie Strode, a spiritual successor to his screen print that featured Michael Myers in 2015. The two prints depict the perspective of both characters in the infamous closet scene at the end of Halloween. Doing business at his booth was chaotic, but he was very patient and overall an awesome guy to chat with.

(Right to Left) “Michael Myers” 2015. “Laurie Strode” 2018
Art by Jason Edmiston
EWAF H40 Exclusive from Jason Edmiston

Illustrator Gary Pullin offered a killer Halloween/Halloween 4 double bill movie poster in a Pumpkin Orange or a Candy Apple Red variants. He sought a unique design by combining two films into one image, replicating old newspaper ads for horror films. As highlighted within the print, these two tales of terror are favored by many fans and they digs deeper into Michael’s merciless killing spree. The Pumpkin Orange print is still available on his site. Lastly, there’s Sammy Ruiz, an artist who intertwines his personal flare for fashion and  pop culture into his offbeat characters. His art is predominantly created with the medium of paint, pencil, pen, maker and graphic art. Aside from art, Sammy composes film scores at his recording studio, Dark Haus Studios, and is also the guitarist/vocalist for the Badluck Bandits. A humble soul and great conversation to be had, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview with Sammy.

Artwork by Gary Pullin
Poster advertising art by Sammy Ruiz

HorrorHound and H40: 40 Years of Terror offered different ticket variations, single day admission, weekend pass, and VIP. A special Friday midnight screening for Halloween (2018) was added a special perk for VIP pass holders. Saturday night’s after party was located at The Rose. Director Tom McLoughlin (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986) took the stage with his act, Tom McLoughlin’s Michael Myers Experience with Mike the Mime. Stage performer Alan Howarth was also featured with a live stage performance of music from his film catalog.

Lastly, what convention would be complete without cosplayers? These dedicated fans showed up in full gear, ready to set the tone for the event and some of the stars joined in on the fun.

Pictures from the Event

That wraps up our coverage of the 2018 HorrorHound and H40: 40 Years Of Terror. Did you attend the event? What was your favorite thing to see or do? Let us know in the comments below!

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