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Top 10 Easter Eggs In ‘Halloween’ (2018)

Happy Halloween month, horror fans! To celebrate both the month and the release of Halloween 2018, we’ve compiled a fun list of the top 10 easter eggs in the film. Danny McBride and David Gordon Green knew exactly what they were doing… So sit back and enjoy! *WARNING SPOILERS* 10) The Michael …

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‘Halloween’ Franchise: Top 5 Scariest Moments

Halloween (2018)

With the new Halloween coming out next month, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the first films in the franchise and pick the five scariest moments for me, a Halloween superfan. While the new film will ignore all sequels, this article will not. There is no …

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‘Halloween’: 5 Potential Directions The Franchise Can Go In

With David Gordon Green’s Halloween roughly 3 months away, many horror fans have been wondering what the future holds for Michael Myers’ own personal franchise, curious to see what other changes could be made to the slasher series, whether it be on a cinematic, TV or streaming scale. Here are five …

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Fan-Made ‘Halloween’ (2018) Trailer Inspires Hope In New Entry

Not since Scream 4 have I anticipated a horror film with everything in my body. The newest installment in the Halloween franchise has officially beat that excitement tenfold. As many of you know, Halloween is what started my love affair for horror, so the news of a new film was …

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