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A Tribute to Don Coscarelli – Truly A True Indie

The legendary Don Coscarelli turned 68 on February 17, 2022. Honestly, I don’t think “legendary” is an embellishment in the least. Somehow, he’s the least known of the big names of his era like Carpenter, Romero, Craven, and Hooper. I always find myself saying, “Hey, did you know Don Coscarelli …

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‘Razorback’ (1984) – 35th Anniversary Retro Review

Directed by Russell Mulcahy Starring Gregory Harrison, Arkie Whitely, Bill Kerr, and Judy Morris Released November 16th, 1984 A dingo ate my baby! The story of Azaria Chamberlain, who was accused of murdering her child back in 1980, most likely inspired Razorback, the 1984 Ozplotation classic that made the Australian …

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