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Inevitable Death and Insanity in Werner Herzog’s ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’

Every vampire story is a little bit different. Werner Herzog’s 1979 classic Nosferatu the Vampyre is no exception. For one thing, it doesn’t take place in Transylvania, but in Wismar, Germany, and Herzog’s Dracula (Klaus Kinski) somehow comes across not as mythical but as an inevitable force of nature — …

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Fantasia 2017 Review: ‘Animals’ A Mystifying Thriller


The mystifying thriller, Animals, was shown at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 16th. Here is our review of the film. Also known as Tiere, this German film was directed by Greg Zglinski as well as co-written by Jörg Kalt and Greg Zglinski. The film stars Birgit Minichmayr, Philipp Hochmair, Mona Petri, and Mehdi Nebbou. …

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Interview with ‘Hellstone’ Director Andreas Lützelschwab

Recently, I had the chance to talk to Andreas Lützelschwab, the director of the upcoming film, Hellstone. When I first saw the trailer for Hellstone, I was immediately intrigued. It has the classic ’80s horror film feel that originally attracted me to the genre. Andreas and I spoke about his upcoming film, the …

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Unearthed Horror: NEKROMANTIK (1987)

In 1987, German filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit released a film that soon became a popular fix of underground cinema. Shot on weekends with next to no budget, Buttgereit created one of the most startling and depraved films, not to mention one of the most darkly hilarious, in cinematic history; its taboo-breaking …

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