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A Fun Throwback To The VHS Glory Days: Full Moon’s Eurocine Collection Vol. 1 – Review

The Eurocine Collection

Euro-sleaze. Exploitation. Cheesy European action flicks from the 80’s. Whatever you call it, or whatever category you want to lump it into—gimmie more! Back in the golden age of home video, trash was king! Jiggling femme fatales, roided out commandos in tropic jungles, Nazis, crooked cops, all of these and …

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There Is A Place Between Heaven and Hell: ‘Netherworld’ (1992) – Full Moon Features’ Blu-ray Review

Synopsis: A young man arrives at his father’s mansion in Louisiana to discover that a secretive cult is using winged creatures to raise the dead to do their bidding. Possibly inspired by Angel Heart (1987), writer/director David Schmoeller (Puppet Master, Tourist Trap) helmed Full Moon Feature’s inventive 1992 voodoo in …

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Welcome Back Radu… ‘SUBSPECIES V: BLOODRISE’ Blu-ray Review

After 25 years since the last entry (1998’s Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm), everyone’s favorite long fingered vampire Radu (Anders Hove; General Hospital (!)) is back! This time though, in true super-hero fashion, it’s an origin story in the form of Subspecies V: Bloodrise, where we see how Radu became the miserable …

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Coming Soon From Full Moon Features: ‘Blind Box’ Collection of ‘Tiny Terrors’

Coming soon from Full Moon Features is a new collection of mini-figure toys: Tiny Terrors, each in a Blind Box! From The TINY TERRORS Press Release With incredible attention to detail, each Tiny Terror mini-figure is the perfect addition to your toy collection and this year’s Halloween must-have merch.. Priced …

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Full Moon and Jim Wynorski Teaming For ‘KILLBOTS’ (2023)


Writer/Director Jim Wynorski is the king of B-Movies, boobs, and blood. Over the years he’s written, directed, and/or produced nearly 200 low-budget sci-fi and horror films, including Chopping Mall, Deathstalker 2, and Forbidden World. More recently Wynorski joined forces with Charles Band and Full Moon Features to make 50 Foot …

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Interview With Cody Renee Cameron, Star Of ‘The Twelve Slays Of Christmas’

Cody Renee Cameron is quite the jack-of-all-trades. Not only is she a model, stunt performer, and biker, she proudly holds the title of being the “best damn dead girl in Hollywood.” Over the course of her acting career, she’s played a murder victim and corpse on numerous occasions, including in …

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Interview With ‘Killjoy’ Scream Queen Victoria De Mare

We were recently given the opportunity to chat with the lovely and multi-talented actress, Victoria De Mare, about her work in the Killjoy franchise (see our ranking of the films here), the Batty Boop movie that almost was, and her other work. PopHorror: Were you already familiar with the previous …

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